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Brooklynn Class of 2024

She's a cheerleader and mentor, all while keeping her grades up and volunteering on the side. She's full of life and energy, and she's gorgeous on top of all that. She is Brooklynn, Class of 2024. She wants to be a nurse when she grows up, and I am certain she will make that happen. The sky is the limit for this girl!

We took some time at her Alma Mater paying tribute to all the home games she has cheered for some fun field photos. Her session was a two part session though, because we needed more time to capture her full personality. These are taken with studio lighting outdoor in full day sun. Isn't she gorgeous?! Stay tuned for Part 2 of her Senior Portrait Session.

#ramonaca #ramonahighschool #rhsalumni #classof2024 #RHSgrad #Ramonahighschoolgrad #cheer #cheerleader


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