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New Year, New Family Portraits

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

2020 is right around the corner, and there is no better time to book a family portrait session. I find that a lot of families scramble to find a photographer in December, when they realize that Christmas cards are due! Families are often on a tight budget by December, when the strain of Christmas gifts is hitting them hard. Instead, January through September is an ideal time to book a portrait session.


A themed holiday portrait session is nice for Christmas cards, but themed portraits definitely have limitations. From personal experience, you will hesitate to hang a themed portrait all year long. On the other hand, a classic portrait will be welcomed above your mantel for years to come.



When you book a private family portrait session with me, you get to pick the location and you will get the best light available. I pride myself on capturing beautifully lit portraits and editing in a style that is true to real life. You'll get a full hour with me and all your immediate family members are welcome to be photographed during the session. We won't rush, and I'll be sure to take the time to capture all the little details. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but a standard list of poses include:

  1. Individual portraits of each person in attendance. Yes, even you mom! Your kids will love seeing how "young" you looked when they look back at these portraits.

  2. A portrait of the children together so you have proof that they like each other.

  3. A portrait of "mom and dad" alone, because your children will love seeing the love of their parents for years to come.

  4. Posed family portraits and candid captures.


I don't have many rules, but I do have one special request. I'm a stickler for emptying pockets and being free of anything that might be a distraction in a photograph. This includes cell phones, wallets, keys and sunglasses. Ladies can safely store all items in their purse and set it far out of the frame of the portraits. Why you might ask?! Men are the biggest culprit of this, but I have had many occasions where I found lumps and bumps in portraits and they are impossible to edit out. So instead of causing me extra editing time, it is easier to kindly ask you all to remove your unneeded items. Myself or my assistant would also be happy to help you carry your items during your session. Don't worry, I promise you will get your items back!


If this sounds like a good fit for you and your family, email me at:

You can also call or text me at 858-353-6300. I'd love to chat about your vision for your family portrait session!

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