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Making Portraits a Tradition

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

One of the biggest reasons why I do photography is to ensure that you remember your child every step of the way. The old adage that they grow too fast is so true! I know as a mom, I want to treasure every little change in my daughter. I want to remember everything! From her fashion sense each year, to her growing personality. I want to save it all!

You can too! I offer affordable kid portraits each season to celebrate the upcoming holidays.


Each year you can count on me to capture the following themes about one month in advance of the actual holiday to allow for editing and ordering beforehand. Mark your calendar for these standard seasonal portraits:

Valentine's Day



Back to School


Christmas (including the very popular Truckbed Mini)

I love to watch your little ones grow. I love seeing my MBD Alumni (#MDBAlumni) year after year, so much so that I do photo montages to celebrate. Since Halloween is the next holiday, here are a few samples from Halloween's past:

Halloween portraits, yearly growth photo montage
Yearly photo montage of two sisters in their Halloween Costume

What to expect during a Kid's Portrait Session?

My time slots are 10 minutes with a 5 minute buffer between sessions. So this means there will likely be someone else waiting as you wrap up your session. If you think your child will need more time, I suggest adding on a time slot to ensure you have plenty, because once your time is up I have to move on. As a courtesy, please be on time or early for your session to allow time for your child to acclimate after the car ride. You know your child best, so please schedule around nap time, and consider when your child is happiest for the most successful session. I usually offer morning and evening sessions to accommodate nap time.

After the session:

  1. I will pick a favorite to share and you will get a sneak peek the week following the session (one sneak each child for a Kid's Portrait session).

  2. Your images will be ready for purchasing 1-2 weeks after the session, usually by the Sunday after the session.

  3. We will schedule a viewing and ordering meeting if you need assistance choosing products.

  4. During the meeting, you will view your beautiful images and decide which images make your heart go pitter patter.

  5. You only purchase the images that you love, and if you love them all, you will enjoy my max gallery discounted pricing.

My goal is always to make you love your photo session so much that you want to purchase them all! I know, I am sooooo mean, but you should really budget for the full gallery. I want you to have all your photos to archive and keep for the future. I also offer only the best heirloom quality products for your memories. I proudly offer The Original Photoblocks, which is a line of hand made wood products. Together, we will create one of a kind wall art for your home!

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